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Steven Stern is an information technology leader. This website has been built to demonstrate a simple branding site for networkers.

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  • 8 Simple Tips for WordPress SEO February 10, 2014
    Eight simple SEO tips:(1) Use a good SEO Plugin like When dropping images onto a page, make sure you use alt and title tags and make them actually useful information.(3) Post and page titles should contain the really relevant keywords.(4) Use permalinks so the page title is reflected in the URL.(5) If your page […]
  • Use me or use WIX? Should you Do IT Yourself? February 7, 2014
    Should you -- a small business or understaffed non-profit -- be building your own website? There are certainly a lot of do it yourself choices. There's a discussion taking place on a LinkedIn group for WordPress developers on the topic "How do you compete with DIY drag and drop web builder sites?".  Here's what I had to say on that discus […]
  • 404 January 24, 2014
    AttachmentSize Mindtrick.png300.86 KB Image: 
  • Book Review: WordPress 3.7 Complete January 23, 2014
    WordPress 3.7 CompleteAuthors: Karol Krol, Aaron Hodge SilverPackt Publishing: 3.7 Complete offers, well, a complete explanation of WordPress.  The first chapters, directed at WordPress users, is a patient but not "for dummies" walk through what you need to know if you own a WordPress site.Chapters 1 through 5 are a […]
  • In the rush to finish a website, don't forget these things.... January 22, 2014
    It seems like these things always get pushed to the end of my projects and get done at the last minute. I'm posting here to (1) say it out loud so I get it in my head earlier in the process and (2) see what everyone leaves till the end.1. 301 RedirectsTypically, we're rebuilding an old site. Whether it's converting an old WP site or bringing a […]
  • Add IE8 support to the Wordpress Underscores _s theme January 13, 2014
    The developers of the underscores starter theme for WordPress are fairly adamant that the the theme supports only Internet Explorer version 9 and above. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of Windows XP users out there who cannot go beyond IE8.  While we can't provide a lot of the cool features for Internet Explorer 8, we can at least make sure that th […]
  • The Joys of Working From Home, Part 1: The Plumbing November 7, 2013
    Yesterday afternoon, I heard a funny noise coming from an outlet in the first floor bathroom. It was buzzing. Outlets are not supposed to do that. It appeared that the ground fault interrupter part was blowing out.No problem. Ran over to Menards and got a new one. Removed the old outlet and saw water dribbling out of the outlet box. That's not good.  Th […]
  • iOS 7 Styles: Flat buttons, skinny fonts September 14, 2013
    In another few days, we're all going to be in love with or loathing the new look on our iPhones and iPads. iOS7 brings the end of skeuomorphism, sculpted button, and wide fonts.  For those who've don't follow All Things D and TUAW religiously, this meansThe end of digital things that look like their real world analogues. The most common exampl […]
  • Building on Amazon Web Services May 19, 2013
    What is Amazon Web Services?  This presentation doesn't get in too deep -- it was designed to spark a discussion at the May 17, 2013 meeting of TLA Managers.  We meet way too early on a Friday morning, once a month to network, share, talk about a topic-of-the-month. Amazon Web Services from Stern Data Solutionsdownload PDF Tags: Public Speaking & Pr […]
  • Hackers, Bots, and Bores May 8, 2013
    A few minutes ago, I tweeted "It's fun using #Wordfence to watch bots try to login as 'admin' to my #WordPress sites. I auto-block that ID." And it is, although the ongoing attempts are both annoying and a waste of bandwidth.  This was a big deal a few weeks ago. In fact, the sheer volume of attempts to login as 'admin', ov […]

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