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  • Protecting Your Image July 7, 2015
    Well, not so much your image as protecting yourself from images. Where do you get the images for your website? If you just grab them from other sites, you could wind up with a nasty Cease and Desist letter with an hefty invoice attached.  When you get images, make sure you have a license to […] The post Protecting Your Image appeared first on Stern Data Solu […]
  • CentOS, mod_ruid2, and PHP sessions April 10, 2015
    I ran into a small problem after installing mod_ruid2 on my CentOS 7 development server. mod_ruid2 allows the web server process, httpd, to run as a different user when accessing different websites on the same server. Why is this important? By default, the web server runs as the user apache and all files are owned by […] The post CentOS, mod_ruid2, and PHP s […]
  • LibreOffice 4.4: Fresh and friendlier January 29, 2015
    There’s no need to shell out big bucks to use Microsoft Office. A free, open source alternative is available. The Document Foundation has released LibreOffice 4.4, which they call the most beautiful version ever. OK, if you’ve used LibreOffice or OpenOffice, you know that’s a low bar to exceed, but still…     The post LibreOffice 4.4: Fresh and friendlier ap […]
  • Sweet Home (Page, that is) September 7, 2014
    What should be the on front page of your website? If your focus is your blog, then make the blog the front page. If, however, you’re not posting regularly and frequently, go for a “static” front page. It doesn’t make much of a difference, SEO-wise, but when people visit your site and see an 6 […] The post Sweet Home (Page, that is) appeared first on Stern Da […]
  • Call The Grammar Cop August 27, 2014
    It’s a harsh and judgmental world out there.  When you’re making your presence known on the web, people have little to judge you by other than the quality of your writing.  Punctuation counts. Spelling counts. Using the right word (not just a correctly spelled one) counts.  Remember, the Grammar Cops are out there waiting to […] The post Call The Grammar Cop […]
  • Updated Hosting August 19, 2014
    We’re now at, a Centos 7 server at Digital Ocean. Prior to that, it was, a Centos 6 server at Digital Ocean. Before that,, Centos 6 at Linode.  Building servers is easy. Finding a new name that fits the  theme is hard. The post Updated Hosting appeared first on Stern Data Solutions. […]
  • How to paginate WordPress archives and blogs August 5, 2014
    At the bottom of a list of posts, WordPress puts navigation to newer and older posts. Typically, the linkage is “older posts” and “newer posts”, so your visitor can move one page at a time in either direction.  There’s a quick way to modify your theme to use pagination like this: Here’s links to the […] The post How to paginate WordPress archives and blogs a […]
  • Wordfence: Block Bad Logins July 24, 2014
    There are dozens of computers trying to login to this site over the course of a day. It’s not an important site, not a site that’s chock full of credit card information, and not a site that matters to anyone but me. (Yes, I put out my lower lip while typing that last one.) Nonetheless, […] The post Wordfence: Block Bad Logins appeared first on Stern Data Sol […]
  • Trying out Webkite July 24, 2014
    I met the guys behind Webkite at Wordcamp Chicago and didn’t really get the full impact of what they were showing. It turns out that they have a really nice interface for generating lists, maps, product directories, and a ton of other things. Each is managed by a Google spreadsheet. Here are a couple of […] The post Trying out Webkite appeared first on Stern […]
  • Converting a Drupal site to WordPress July 21, 2014
    I recently converted this site from Drupal 7 to WordPress. Here’s how. 1. Move data from Drupal’s database into a WordPress database. Liran Tal has posted a PHP script on Github that does the heavy lifting. Read the instructions carefully. I probably should have read them a couple more times. 2. Validate the data conversion […] The post Converting a Drupal s […]

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  • Every step you take, I’ll be watching you August 7, 2015
    Have you noticed that you’re being tracked across the web? If you look at shoes on Zappos, then you see ads for shoes on Facebook as well as other sites. Sometimes this is useful, sometimes it’s just creepy. And if “they” are tracking that, what else about your online behavior is being tracked?  Every breath … Continue reading Every step you take, I’ll be wa […]
  • You have to read a LOT of Dr. Seuss June 30, 2015
    I was discussing the famous “You don’t have a square to spare?” Seinfeld episode, which led me to recall an episode of Moonlighting.  The mere prat of a youth with whom I was speaking had never heard of the show or seen Bruce Willis with hair. Thus, I present this for his (and your) edification … Continue reading You have to read a LOT of Dr. Seuss The post […]
  • Abigail Adams on #TheNew10 June 18, 2015
    We can call the new bills “Abbies”. My nominee for the new $10 is Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams, mother of President John Quincy Adams, and the woman who kept it all together back on the farm when John was off being a founding father. She was an advocate of the property rights … Continue reading Abigail Adams on #TheNew10 The post Abigail Adams […]
  • It’s an OUTRAGE! June 11, 2015
    I’ve been examining my reaction to emails and social media posts and I think I have a diagnosis: “Outrage Fatigue”. I am flat out tired of everything being an outrage, a precursor to the apocalypse, and the end of life as we know it. Folks, don’t sweat the small stuff. We will get by. And … Continue reading It’s an OUTRAGE! The post It’s an OUTRAGE! appeared […]
  • Deal: Drumming with the Dead June 10, 2015
    I just read Bill Kreutzmann’s book, “Deal“. It was like sitting with a really stoned dude for several hours while he tells you stories that are sort of in order but sometimes not and of course you’re stoned too so you don’t worry too much about it making a lot of sense, but you can … Continue reading Deal: Drumming with the Dead The post Deal: Drumming with […]
  • Support the Oxford Comma April 30, 2015
    If you have any doubt… I will fight to support the Oxford comma until I draw my last breath. — Alexander MacDonald (@alex_macdonald) April 30, 2015 The post Support the Oxford Comma appeared first on Steven Stern.
  • Mad Men’s Red Wedding April 27, 2015
    As Don’s pitch is interrupted, we hear the band lead into Rains of Castemere… The post Mad Men’s Red Wedding appeared first on Steven Stern.
  • Mutual Assured Destruction April 25, 2015
    Mutual Assured Destruction is a nuclear war strategy to ensure that everyone dies.   In the immortal words of  WOPR, “The only winning move is not to play.”  We still engage in that strategy, maintaining thousands of nuclear weapons. We’re playing again in a different space.  MAD is the new strategy for cyberwar. […]
  • Chewie, we’re home! April 17, 2015
    I am trying to maintain a cynical, distant attitude, but I know it’ll be better than those 3 prequels.  I’ll be going to see this. Chewie, we're home. @starwars @LEGO_Group — Chris McVeigh (@ActionFigured) April 16, 2015 The post Chewie, we’re home! appeared first on Steven Stern.
  • Action Figures March 29, 2015
    It’s The Dude.  He kind of pulls the room together. The post Action Figures appeared first on Steven Stern.

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